There are thousands of books on parenting techniques, infinite Facebook groups to join, and a LOT of conflicting advice about what is best. For me, the bond between my son and I has been my guiding force in learning how to become a mother. Allowing myself to simply observe him and feel my inner guidance in how to respond to him as proved to be most beneficial for us both.
— Shine


:::About Mama Shine:::

In the fall of 2013 I sat with a small group of women in a teepee studying the sacred, metaphysical, practical, and holy aspects of Birth. Guided by our teacher Whapio, we traversed through realms of anatomy, the stages of labor (both medical and spiritual), homeopathy, prenatal care, and postpartum care. She took us deeper than our textbooks would go,  beyond the concepts and into the soul-level work.  Through my studies with Whapio I became a certified doula, but did not feel ready to serve my community just yet.

I was born into a Mother on August 22, 2016. My son arrived earthside into his fathers hands submerged in water in our home in Ha'ikū, Maui. It was peaceful and intense and I am blessed for such a smooth and gentle arrive.  However, I still felt extremely fragile after his birth; my body was sore and tired and I realized I had never actually held such a tiny being before. It all seemed to happen so fast, in one moment I was pregnant and then in the next there was a fresh, new baby in my arms. Indeed, the threshold had been crossed and the next chapter begun. 

My postpartum time was (and continues to be) an expansive journey of patience, trust, and vulnerability.  In those first days and weeks I felt lonely and isolated, even though I had my husband along side me and friends willing to help.  The surge of new hormones left me feeling a little disoriented and my body continued to heal slowly.  I was experiencing so much that I had not planned for, like intense afterbirth pains every time my son nursed and debilitating hemorrhoids which made it so hard to be comfortable.  There was so much going on in every moment and I just wanted to enjoy my new baby!! We certainly had our hands full between diaper changes, cord care, learning how to properly latch, trying to get rest in the in-between moments, my own physical healing and all this while trying to stay well-fed and hydrated!

My son is my greatest teacher. I love seeing the world through his eyes, being humbled by the power in each present moment.  I am eternally grateful to call Maui my home, where I can raise my son in the ocean and sunshine, eating fresh food and having respect for the ãina. I give thanks to my beloved partner, who continues to grow with me and laugh with me; showing up steadfast and full of love.

My mission as a mother is to raise my son to be conscious, awake, healthful, and in harmony with the rhythms of nature. I am grateful to share my insights, breakthroughs, and the lessons I've learned with you. As mothers, fathers, sisters, aunties, and grandparents, we are stronger together in the commitment to healthy, happy children. For this means a commitment to a healthy, happy world.


  • INNATE Postpartum Care Certified Provider

  • Pacific Birth Collective Postpartum Doula certification in progress

  • Certified Doula by the Matrona School 2014

  • B.A in Social Work with focus on early child development 2007

  • Trauma Institute trained on a holistic approach to PTSD 2010

  • Certified official mama by Malu Mauna Simmons August 2016