Mamatoto is a word in swahili meaning “motherbaby,” reflecting the concept that mother and infant are not two separate people, but an interrelated dyad. What impacts impacts the otherand what is good for one is good for the other

:::Trust the Bond:::

When a woman is supported through her healing journey, she has the opportunity to bond deeply with her baby. I believe that when a woman is closely bonded with her baby, it makes for a more natural and smooth transition into their new life together. They become familiar with each others cues and communications, which makes it easier to know how to respond.

 I appreciate supporting families in a fulfilling and gentle postpartum time by tending to other responsibilities around the house. 

A strong, secure bond can be established between mother and baby, no matter what their birthing experience was. In the case of medical interventions, surgical birth, or separation immediately post birth for medical reasons, it's even more beneficial to have extra support so you can focus on establishing your bond and healing your body.

Each family's needs are unique and our time together will be designed to meet your needs.