Rates & Scheduling

Prenatal Consultations

Trust the Bond Care begins with prenatal consultations to design your specific birth and postpartum care plan.
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During your first consultation we will discuss your specific birth preferences and postpartum care needs. We’ll explore the services I offer, and you will be treated to a nourishing herbal elixir! After our first consultation, we will set up additional consultations to guide you through the pregnancy process, plan for your birth, and begin to design your postpartum care plan. Additional consultations are $50 per 1-hour consultation and scheduled according to your needs.

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Holistic Birth Doula Services

Holistic Birth Doula services include a prenatal consultation, birth support, 2 postpartum visits, and 1 Ayurvedic-inspired postpartum meal.
The sliding scale for Holistic Birth Doula Services is $800-$1000.
I require a %50 deposit upon confirmation to reserve my time to be present during the birthing window.
If Holistic Birth Doula Services are purchased in conjunction with a Wrap-around Postpartum Care Plan
the price for birth doula services is $600.

Postpartum Home Visits

Postpartum Home Visits include the treatments and services that are most beneficial for mama’s healing and integration. This can include any of the treatments listed on my website as well as general support with newborn care, diapering, breastfeeding, and integrating other family members. Home visits also include herbal remedies and infusions prepared ahead of time.

Home visits last between 3-4 hours depending on mom’s needs.

Postpartum home visits are a flat rate of $150.

To include an Ayurvedic-inspired meal prepared fresh in your home there is an additional cost of $25 (for 2 adults).

Wrap-around Postpartum Care Plans

For some women, it is most helpful to create a tentative care plan before baby is born to ensure my time is reserved and that her postpartum needs will be met.

Wrap-around postpartum care plans are designed to meet your unique needs and fit your budget. When creating a warp-around postpartum care plan, home visits are discounted to $100. When we set up your wrap-around postpartum care plan, we will create a tentative schedule including how many visits you feel you will need plus a budget for material costs. Wrap-around postpartum care is available for up to 6 weeks following birth.

After baby arrives, plans can change and are flexible to attend to your actual needs postpartum. Upon creating your tentative schedule, I require a 50% deposit to reserve my time to serve you.

Sample Wrap-around Postpartum Care Plans

Your care plan will be customized to meet your unique needs and budget.
Here are some sample plans to demonstrate the spectrum of care available:

Gentle Beginnings
Wrap around Postpartum Care Plan
4 visits for 4 weeks
four (4) home visits
two (2) Ayurvedic-inspired meals
$150 materials fee
total cost:
$600 (including cost of food)

Nourished Mama & Baby
Wrap- around Postpartum Care Plan
2 visits per week for 4 weeks
eight (8) home visits
four (4) Ayurvedic-inspired meals
$250 material fees
total cost:
$1250 (including the cost of food)

Postpartum Plan
4 visits per week for weeks 1 &2
3 visits per week for weeks 3&4
2 visits per week for weeks 5 & 6

eighteen (18) home visits
ten (10) Ayurvedic-inspired meals
$300 materials fees
total cost:
$2350 (including cost of food)

If also purchasing Holistic Birth Doula Services in conjunction with a Wrap-around Postpartum Care Plan,

birth doula services are discounted to $600.