While it has become quite common for women to experience certain symptoms during the postpartum time, most of these ailments can be alleviated once addressed. I have been taught simple and effective techniques that are rooted in traditions centered around women’s postpartum wellness. These techniques can be taught to a partner, sibling, extended family member, or to mama herself, so she can continue to tend to her healing journey even beyond our in-home postpartum visits.

Treatments and Services

 Mother Warming

A Traditional Chinese Medicine technique, mother warming (sometimes referred to as mother roasting) is a treatment given to women starting at four or five days following childbirth and in the weeks to follow to aid in postpartum recovery. Chinese medicine holds the theory that depletion of the body’s resources of Qi and blood are the root cause of low milk supply, postpartum depression, prolapse, fatigue and insomnia after birth.  Using the power of Chinese mugwort in combination with heat, mother warming aids healing, relieves discomfort and helps to tone the uterus.

The benefits of Mother Warming include:

  • Benefits the immune system

  • Nourishes blood, helping to prevent and treat postpartum depression

  • Benefits iron levels

  • Boosts milk supply

  • Treats and prevents prolapse

  • Moves blood and lymph while mom rests ensuring healthy circulation and elimination.

Rebozo ~ Closing the Bones Ritual

The birthing process opens a woman's body up to it's fullest capacity. Regardless of the type of birth a woman has (unmedicated, medicated, cesarean), a woman's bones, muscles, ligaments, and organs move to make space for the baby to come down the birth canal. After the birth, it's imperative that a woman's body closes up, and comes back into structural alignment. The Rebozo technique is a nourishing and simple treatment that uses a long scarf and a wrapping technique to gently support a woman's body in returning to alignment. For many women this treatment feels like the completion of their birth process and the closing of their bones. Rooted in Arabic tradition, and then adapted by traditional Mexican birth workers, I am honored to share this healing and nourishing ritual.

Castor Oil Packs

This treatment utilizes the healing power of castor oil in combination with heat to offer a potent healing experience. The castor oil penetrates deep into the body, promoting the healing of muscles, tendons, ligaments, and organs that have been stretched and displaced during pregnancy and birth. The packs are especially helpful in healing incision spots on the body after a c-section. Castor oil packs can also help to support a successful breastfeeding journey by helping to eliminate mastitis, clogged ducts, and sore breasts.

Warm Oil Massage

A warm, oily climate provides the best atmosphere for a postpartum body to heal. Light, gentle massage with warm sesame oil helps to stimulate lymph and blood flow, while saturating the body with a nourishing and detoxifying layer of warm oil. This treatment leaves mom glowing, feeling refreshed and renewed. It’s a practice that can be taught to her partner or even to mom to do to herself daily.


During the immediate postpartum, for up to 6 weeks, it is imperative that a new mother rest as much as possible. Gentle movements that feel good are encouraged, but the distractions of daily chores can pull a new mama out of her cocoon too soon. I am honored to offer this service to my clients to support their full recovery by helping to tend to their home space so they can rest. From laundry to dishes to general tiding up, even taking a pet for a walk isn't beyond my scope as long as it helps keep mom in bed with her baby!

Ayurvedic Meal Preparation


I believe in the power of food to either enhance or inhibit a woman’s post-birth recovery. As internal organs are displaced and digestion is often slow and sluggish, it is important that a new mother is nourished well. Warm, easy-to-digest foods ensure that a woman is getting the nutrition she needs without causing constipation, indigestion, and unnecessary bloating. Food is also a great catalyst for medicinal herbs and spices that promote the healing of tissues, muscles, and fascia that is stretched out and strained after the intensity of childbirth. If a woman decides she would like to include Ayurvedic meal preparation in her postpartum care plan, we will custom design a meal plan and I will include the cost of groceries in the total price of her care plan.