Why is Postpartum Care Important

Having support during the postpartum time facilitates a smooth and graceful recovery from birth.

For a woman, postpartum care and wellness is :::vital::: as she adjust to her new role as Mother (even for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th….time) and also as she integrates the changes physically, emotionally, relationally, and spiritually. Around the globe there are traditions that speak to revering, celebrating, supporting, and honoring the postpartum journey. Though our modern culture has lost touch with these roots, it does not change the :FACT: that women need and deserve wrap-around, consistent care as they recover from birth and integrate (or re-integrate) life with a newborn. Companionship, herbs, nourishing food, and rest are vital to her process. During this special time she has the opportunity to restore her body to optimal, vibrant health for now and for the rest of her life.

When wrapped in consistent and loving care a woman can and will integrate into motherhood in a strong, vibrant, and fulfilled way. She will have the space to bond deeply with her baby, while she restores her body. She will give herself the gift of longterm health and wellness as her body re-builds it self and she is literally born anew.

Physical discomfort and common postpartum ailments can be remedied using potent herbs and gentle hands-on techniques

Physically a woman is healing and restoring her body after the extremely intense task of birthing her baby. Emotionally she is riding tumultuous waves as hormones surge and sleep is scarce. Her relationships will shift with the welcoming of her new baby, specifically that with her partner. Isolation, confusion, exhaustion, and overwhelm are normal phases she will move through as she settles into her new role. While emotional lows are par for the course, depression can be avoided when a woman is properly nourished and cared for. have been trained to facilitate traditional healing modalities that help to alleviate common postpartum ailments including constipation, sluggish digestion, depression, organ prolapse, inflammation, hemorrhoids and emotional, just to name a few. Most of the techniques can be taught to a partner, sister, or to mama herself so she can continue to tend to her healing needs even when I am not present. To read more about these treatments see the services and treatments page.

Long term health is preserved when a woman receives consistent, loving, and effective care during the postpartum time.

The trauma sustained during birth, regardless of the type of birth a woman has, impacts a woman’s body until it is tended to. Scar tissue, organ prolapse, sluggish digestion, and structural misalignment will only degrade a woman’s long term health if not addressed. Receiving consistent care will ensure the body is recovering and there are no lingering injuries or untended issues as mama steps fully into this next chapter of her life. Women can benefit from reciving postpartum treatments many, many years after giving birth. Truly, it’s never too late to begin to heal! Contact Shine to set up a FREE consultation to discuss her offering in more depth and learn more about the long term benefits of postpartum care.